Adar Ng

Art / The Light Bear Witness

The Light Bear Witness


Interactive Installation

The Light Bear Witness is an inquiry into the notion of memories of a space. It is led by the main question, ‘does a space remembers you?’. In the event where there isn’t another human being to witness an occurrence in the space, what else plays the role of the witness? With the usage of motion sensors and lightbulbs, this work translates human presence into forms of light by recording and playing it back.

The human presence is detected and recorded via motion sensors in the space, which translates to the varying brightness portrayed through the lightbulbs. When no one is in the space, the lightbulb plays back the presence it has previously recorded.

Attaching the notion of human presence to an energy source given out by the lightbulbs, the work seeks to evoke a contemplation on the remnants of human presence in a given space.

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